Large: Opening 2”, Length 8”, Width 9 ¾”

Medium: Opening 1 ½”, Length 6”, Width 6 ¾”

Small: Opening 1 ¼”, Length 4 ½”, Width 5 ½”


Paco faced many obstacles overcoming fears from his early days on the street. When he and Aubree came into each other’s lives, they immediately became inseparable, and started working to build Paco’s confidence. Months had passed without much success. Aubree had a wild thought, “When I wear my favorite shirt, you know the white one with the red strips, I feel like a million bucks.” Translating that for Paco, she dusted off her sewing machine and made him his first bandana. He’s been confidently strutting his stuff ever since.  That was the day the Paco Inspired Aubree Sweeney Collection was born.


Whether your pup needs a confidence boost or just loves to ride in style, Aubree’s handmade slip-on bandanas are the perfect accessory. Your pup can feel great about the purchase too! A portion of sales are donated to reputable rescue organizations. Subscribe to to keep up on donation updates.


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Aubree & Paco

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