Paint Color Sample Christmas Cards

November 22, 2018

Being on the road full-time means I get to meet a lot of amazing people, but it can be months – often longer, before our paths cross again. Social Media helps, but I’m not always up to speed on what’s happening with friends and family. We know how Social Media algorithms work, actually, we don’t. How did I miss that you got engaged!?!  And then, there’s that one person we know who refuses to “do social media”. This year, I dusted off the ol’ tradition of sending postcards. Who doesn’t love getting mail? I know I do!


As Christmas nears, I wanted to do something crafty, instead of the usual store-bought cards. After scouring the internet, I stumbled across, One Little Project At A Time. An easy, homemade card, with just enough flair. This is the one!



Paint Color Samples (these are often free – ask the person in the paint department)

Card Stock

Double Sided Tape or Glue


Bling (Snow)


Step One: Trying to avoid the words on your sample (you can always overlap to hide the writing) cut out triangles - a variety of sizes.


(Tip: Save your leftover pieces. I’ll be posting about using paint sample cards for business card holders, gift tags and bookmarks later on.)

Step Two: One 8.5x11 piece of card stock, makes two cards. Cut the sheet in half and fold at the center.


Step Three: I tend to make a mess when handed glue. #messycrafter. I opt for double-sided tape whenever possible. Use tape or glue to secure the trees to the card.


Step Four: Add your bling(snow) and star(s).


Step Five: My friend Stacy at Stacy's View, made this amazing logo for me. I tweaked the color in Photoshop to match my cardstock, printed on white paper and secured it to the inside of the card. Have fun choosing clipart for the inside of your card or reach out to a graphic designer, like Stacy if you have something specific you'd like created. 

Step Six: This is the most difficult step. Writing. This is where I end up having to scribble something out and the card looks junky. Such an “Aubree Move”. I recently discovered Frixon Clicker – Erasable Pen. This pen is amazing! My Holiday Sentiments have never looked more grammatically correct. It also works well on material – pre-drawing a pattern for an embroidery project.

I love these cards! I hope you do too and most importantly, I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did! If you’d like to be on my postcard list, use the contact form to send your address and don’t forget to subscribe on the blog’s main page!  



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