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December 7, 2018

Let me start by saying, “Go to a Wine & Design Event!” When my friend, Charlene told me about Wine & Design’s “Paint Your Pet”, I was 100% on board because well, wine. My painting capabilities, I use capabilities as lightly as possible there, extend to being handed a roller with some version of white paint on it.  The Fam won’t even let me trim and there’s always a watchful eye catching my paint runs and the mumble, “It was sweet she offered to help. Do you think we could send her on a food run before we have to re-sand that wall?”


I assumed my Pet Portrait would end up looking something like this.

I call it, “Paco in Motion”. So Modernist, am I right? On the contrary, I left with a beautiful portrait which I’m extremely proud of and will cherish forever. Wine & Design sets you up to succeed, no matter your skill level. Even if you’re like me, coming in with negative skill level!


Here’s a quick progression of Paco’s Portrait Progress.



I was a little slow to start. I was worried I’d “mess it up”. Our instructors quickly helped me get past that feeling or maybe it was the wine. Either way, I decided to just go for it. Paco will still love me, not matter how it turns out, I hope! I’ll take him to the beach a couple extra times this week, just to play it safe. I found painting to be one of the most cathartic experiences. It was like discovering a hidden trail or a beach off the beaten path. The contact of the brush to the canvas was liberating. By the end of the session, which was two hours that flew by, I was trusting my instincts on where to use each color, mixing those colors, blending and making choices. It was such an enlightening experience and also a motivation boost. If I can do this in two hours… what else can I accomplish. Should I try to take over the world? (Said in the voice of Brain from “Pinky and the Brain”)


The Wine & Design I attended is in Burbank, CA. To find a location near you, click HERE. I highly recommend attending an event. They offer so many paint project options. I’m absolutely going to have to sign up to paint “Abby the Giraffe” and a portrait of She-Ra. Let’s be real, I’m going to have to rent a Studio Space for all of my upcoming Wine & Design Masterpieces.

For their calendar, click HERE. Wine & Design’s Holiday Projects are also beyond adorbs! 


Sign Up, Show Up and Sip Up! You’ll probably end up running into us there!





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