Snowman Gift Tower

December 22, 2018

It’s a couple days before Christmas, which feels like minutes. You’re freaking out. You’re picking up your family at the airport in one hour. Your phone charger is somehow missing. The dog is refusing to come inside. You forgot to buy the crescent rolls. Why do you always forget to buy the crescent rolls? You realize, you haven’t wrapped the presents yet and you don’t have any wrapping paper! OH! &*@$&!#&*!^#$!!!


Take a deep breath. We have this one covered! We’re going to make something cute and cut down on waste while we’re at it! Two of my all-time favorite pastimes!


Step One: Pillage the recycling bin. We’re looking for boxes – if they’re not a perfect fit, that’s okay. Snowmen and Snowwomen come in all shapes and sizes.


Step Two: Start looking inside bags. Potato chip bags are silver, shiny and just pretty inside. There is no reason your snowman can’t have some pizzazz. He or she can be shiny, multicolored, maybe he or she likes plaid – the sky is the limit! The inside of Paco’s food bags are white and I had some tissue paper from on online order. My snowpeople are going to be traditional.


Step Three: Wipe out the insides of your bag and start wrapping.


Step Four: Let’s make his face. I used the back of an old holiday card. I like the dark blue (it matches my other decorations) for his eyes, nose and mouth.


Step Five: I didn’t snap a picture of his hat. I used a can of cat food wrapped in a compostable black doggie bag.


Step Six: Dress him/her up. I used the bandannas I made Pac and his buds. A scarf or a bowtie would be super cute!


Step Seven: Step back and admire your awesomeness!


I love these snowmen/snowwomen so much! I’m definitely making snowpeople part of my Christmas tradition. Not only are they cute, they’re space saving for an RVer and we got to reuse a few boxes and bags before taking them to the recycling center.


And look at that, you still have 30 minutes before your family lands. Plenty of time to pick up… what was it you needed at the grocery store?


Happy Holidays!



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