The Girl Who Has it All

January 24, 2019

What on earth do you get for the girl who has it all? For the girl who decapitates every store-bought toy within minutes? For the girl who has you pretty concerned you’re living with a catopath (cat psychopath) because of all of the decapitations? For the girl who you really want to get a toy she can’t murder?


I finally found the answer! Homemade Cat-Fish Cat-Nip Toys!


I stumbled across this amazing Martha Stewart Pattern while searching for “Easy Sew Projects”. A few months ago, my Mom gave me my first sewing lesson. I’m an extreme Novice Sew-er. I’m not even allowed to say, “Seamstress”, that’s how novice I am. These fish were my first attempt at not sewing in a straight line. Based on how, not straight my straight lines are, I was thinking that this project would be a breeze. My final product isn’t quite as fishy as I planned. Sorry, Martha for letting you down, but She-Ra loves these things! Her favorite is the one that kind of looks like a drumstick. We call him “Drumstick”.

What You’ll Need:  

Fish Template

Fabric (I went psychedelic because, catnip is groovy, Dude)


Pinking shears

Cotton batting



Needle and thread/Sewing Machine

What to Do:

Trace template onto two layers of fabric. I secured the pattern with a pin. Cut out shapes.


Flip the two pieces so the pretty side is in. Pin together, leaving tail open.


Sew seam, remember to leave the tail open for stuffing.


Turn right side out. Press seams flat.


Stuff with cotton batting until firm. Spoon in 1 to 2 tablespoons of dried catnip or fill the whole toy with catnip.


Sew opening closed. In hindsight, I would probably do this step by hand.

These are really fun to make. I normally make Paco a holiday bandana. I’m pretty sure She-Ra will be getting a matching fish each season as well! Maybe by this time next year, my fish will look more like fish. We probably shouldn't hold our breath!



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